See us for vintage fine jewelry, clothing, and vinyl records to replace the ones your spouse made you purge from that old milk crate back in the day.  

The Gurnee Antique Market welcomes antiquers and seekers of the rare, beautiful, and unusual to the greater Chicagoland Area and the Gateway to Wisconsin. 

Antiques are the ultimate in sustainability.  Since each piece has had a full life even before it reaches the Market, imagine our happy little planet when these antiques get a fresh start in your home, office, restaurant, bar or retail space.  

Professionals love us, and many Market finds have made their way to renew and refresh private homes and public venues. If you have a specific need, or are a decorator/designer on a quest for something in particular, feel free to give us a ring ahead of time and we’ll do our best to let you know if one of our dealers might have it in-house, or can get their hands on one for you!